Untethered teaching and lecture capture. Promoting inclusion and universal design for learning

June 14, 11am (PDT)


Untethered lecture capture (ULC) is defined as the integration of multimedia resources which permit faculty to be freely mobile within the classroom while simultaneously teaching and producing audiovisual digital recordings of lecture.  The integration of cognitive load theory with multimedia instructional design principles promotes accessibility, universal design and facilitates student learning.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, learners will: 

  • Observe application of cognitive load theory and multimedia instructional design principles promoting inclusive and universal design for learning.
  • Compare and contrast strengths and barriers associated with traditional lecture capture versus untethered lecture capture.
  • Discuss academic benefits: e.g., accessibility affordances, student engagement, proximity and reusable digital assets.
  • Observe multimedia instructional principles: a) signaling, b) spatial contiguity, c) temporal contiguity, d) coherence. 
  • Evaluate ULC research findings.
  • Identify resources supporting ULC integration in academic settings.


  • Lorretta Krautscheid, PhD, MS, RN, CNE.  Associate Professor, George Fox University. Lorretta is an Associate Professor in Nursing.  Her scholarship centers on theory-guided technology enhanced teaching strategies which promote learning both inside and outside the classroom.  Her most recent research reports how Untethered Lecture Capture stimulates educational affordances to maximize student nurse retention.
  • Samuel Williams, MSEd.  Chief Information Officer, Linfield University. In June of 2020, Sam assumed the role of Chief Information Officer at Linfield University. Previously, he had worked for 10 years at the University of Portland and was the Director of Academic Technology Services and Innovation, where he oversaw several noteworthy initiatives focused on the strategic integration of technology in education. One of his collaborations at UP was with Lorretta on a project called Untethered Lecture Capture.


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