Wading in the WCAG Waters: First Steps Toward Facilitating Accessibility Change at your Institution

April 29, 2020


Michele Bromley, IT Accessibility Coordinator, Portland State University


The necessity for working toward more inclusive, accessible digital spaces on our college campuses is becoming increasingly urgent. Legal considerations notwithstanding, there are ethical and practical imperatives for ensuring that digital resources and environments are as accessible and usable as possible for all users. But where do we begin? How can individuals act as catalysts for institutional change when that change requires community, investment, policy, and resource development? This presentation will outline first steps toward real accessibility change and provide an introduction to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that can bring that reality closer.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will review the basics associated with digital accessibility and the international standards that define it.
  2. Participants will learn methods and messaging for engaging high-level stakeholders in institutional accessibility development.
  3. Participants will explore strategies for building the communities, resources, and workflows necessary for real accessibility growth.


Michele Bromley is the IT Accessibility Coordinator for the Office of Information Technology at Portland State University (PSU). In this capacity, she serves as a digital accessibility resource for the university—providing support, technical direction, and assessment related to the accessibility of new and existing information and communication technologies. Michele’s primary areas of expertise are accessible digital design, digital accessibility validation, alternative media, and adaptive technology. She has presented regionally and nationally on these topics and currently serves on the Executive Council for the Access Technology Higher Education Network.